Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Vemma Business Opportunity

Vemma was found by the Boreyko family, operates beneath the parent company New Vision. New Vision is a health and wellness company who has specialized in the distribution of wellness products for over 14 years. With over $1 billion in total retail sales, New Vision began its conquest toward liquid nutrition by introducing a best-selling liquid mineral supplement in North America.

Vemma integrates the skill and business wisdom of New Vision and implements this knowledge on behalf of its new line of products. Via the same concepts and product research developed by New Vision, Vemma plans to make a strong impact on the health and wellness market�an impact similar to the one New Vision made so many years ago.

The focus of Vemma�s current sales campaign is on a beverage called NEXT, which is an all-around health tonic. NEXT is designed to aid in the development of young children. The company uses a barrage of insider lingo and nutritional information to attract health-conscious and fingernail-biting parents, almost coercing them into buying their product because it is �essential� to the healthy development of their offspring.

This company�s spotlighted product differs from many wellness beverage MLM company�s products because of its angle on the parent demographic. Instead of trying to sell energy drinks to the overly saturated kid and young adult markets, Vemma Builder Business is taking a new approach and selling developmental drinks to parents. Let�s face the reality though, there is a lot of competition out there for these kinds of products these days. That is exactly why you have to learn to brand yourself in the market place and set yourself apart from everyone else if you want to have success.

Is Vemma a scam?

Vemma is not a scam. Despite what some may say, selling nutritional beverages and paying people to be brand representatives for those nutritional beverages is not a crime. At Vemma, you can get involved with the company as a referring customer, or an individual who simply gives referrals to the business. The company�s advertising campaign focuses on paying associates for personal referrals rather than banners on websites or in magazines.

Vemma boasts that they spend $500 million a year paying brand representatives to sell their products. Their method of advertising, says the company, has been extremely effective thus far.

Can I make money by representing Vemma?

Vemma Builder generates profits. Can you become a part of this revenue stream? That�s a question you must answer for yourself. With no costs to start up and a fairly good-looking entry-level package, Vemma can be a moneymaking opportunity for the serious entrepreneur, just like many of the companies out there.

How do I succeed using the Vemma business model?

Success with a company like Vemma, with a product like theirs, depends solely on your ability to market yourself and your network as a unique, essential, and important part of the community. If you have what it takes to do that, then you already know how to succeed with the Vemma opportunity. Unfortunately, most people only think they know how to succeed at marketing a product or network on the internet. These people get involved with companies, or worse, they start their own business, and their funds and assets dry up as they pump countless dollars and hours into ineffectively marketing and selling, when they should be funneling their time and attention to branding themselves on the internet via attraction marketing.
Have you ever heard of attraction marketing? Perhaps you have heard of it, but do you have any idea how it works? Do you have any idea how to implement the concepts of attraction marketing to compete against the thousands of other people who represent similar competitive products? What about others who use attraction marketing to build an effective network at Vemma? Are you prepared to operate on their level?

Odds are, you are not familiar with the proper approaches to attraction marketing. All it takes to understand attraction marketing is a bit of research and thoughtfulness.

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